I AM Daryl Wicker...

I am about Integrity, Truth & Honesty...

What I do–

I am a developer of media of any kind that will further the Kingdom of God. My goal in life is to encourage, educate and empower every soul that will listen with the powerful “IDEA” that God himself perpetuated in Christ his son. The idea of The Kingdom of God.

We are in the process of revamping our web presence. It will include all of the content from MegaDad University, MegaMom University, DW Leadership Series, MaxLife Media, Treasure Chest Kids and many other soon to come media projects developed by the founder Daryl Wicker.  2018 promises to be an amazing year of media from DSW Music Entertainment. We look forward to serving you with quality, clean, ethical and developmental media that will build your family’s character and entertain without filth.

Daryl Wicker

Owner/Operator , DSW Music Entertainment, LLC

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