Tropical Fruit Salsa Darostyle

Tropical Fruit Salsa Darostyle

Had a creative food moment today-

Orange/Tangerine Juice
Juice of 2 Limes
Kosher Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning.

First I started chopping the fruit to small salsa sized bits and the idea came to me because the avocado wasn’t ripe yet. It was too hard to mash. So I chopped 1/4 of the onion pretty small and mixed it with the cilantro, a few large basil leaves, the spices to taste, and lime juice to bloom the favors. Next I mixed in all of the fruit. You could add bananas if you are going to serve it right away. If not, skip it because they will turn brown (not enough acidic juice to prevent it).

I tasted it and was amazed at the complexity that the small amount of basil brought to the table. It wasn’t quite juicy enough so I added a big splash of the orange tangerine juice to make it a saucy salsa. The taste is super fresh and bright because of the fresh lime juice. Remember, the fresher the ingredients the better the taste. I simply dipped corn chips and ate til the salt ruined the corners of my mouth!

Try this yourself and let me know what you think. You can post your thoughts below.


Vaca & Nobody Dere’

Vaca & Nobody Dere’

(In my best Jamaican voice) Hey Mon ain’t noubodah ouuut ere bout ous!

The greatest part of going to a resort town AFTER the season is over is that it’s almost like having a private place by the beach all to yourself. I am in absolute CHILL mode! Reggae music in de’ backgroun’ and a cool breeze blowin’ in me face. The ultimate “wish you were here”!

Hot Car Sighting-V8 Vantage

Hot Car Sighting-V8 Vantage

Astin Martin V8 Vantage Sighting

While getting my oil changed today I saw a hot, hot, hot Astin Martin in the showroom. I’ve never seen one of these up close much less sat in one. It felt so tight. The seat fit me like a glove. I wanted to drive it bad! I could see myself having this as a fourth car in my mega car garage. Just think… Only $58,000 on the used car market. Quite a bargain since the MSRP was $207,000 when it was new. Depreciation is your friend.

Wanna See Something Cool?

Wanna See Something Cool?

Expand your browser window to full page

Go ahead. Do it now.

No… really…. I’m waiting… 🙂

If you have a very large desktop setting you will see a great 3d image space that I created just for this web site. If you can’t see it.

Out on the edges are the words “Music”, “Art”, “Food” and “Life”. These are the major topics I will cover on this web site. Part of the art portion will cover my great love for creating 3D art. Ever since computers became a huge part of the art world (mid 80’s for me), I have always had some sort of 3d modeling program and have created many dream house ideas. I will get over the fact that some are just not good and post them here for people to see. Keep your eyes open.

The program I’m using now is called Blender. This is a screen shot of what it looks like. The top right picture window is the camera view. The top left window is a close up of that same view. The bottom large window is the current      rendering of the whole scene. Pretty tech huh?desktopBlenderWorkspace







Feel free to post any questions or comments about this art. I would love it.

If this is something you didn’t know about me, post your comments as well. Thanks

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