Hot Car Sighting-V8 Vantage

Hot Car Sighting-V8 Vantage

Astin Martin V8 Vantage Sighting

While getting my oil changed today I saw a hot, hot, hot Astin Martin in the showroom. I’ve never seen one of these up close much less sat in one. It felt so tight. The seat fit me like a glove. I wanted to drive it bad! I could see myself having this as a fourth car in my mega car garage. Just think… Only $58,000 on the used car market. Quite a bargain since the MSRP was $207,000 when it was new. Depreciation is your friend.

What Revvvvvzz  Me UP?

What Revvvvvzz Me UP?

I have one hobby

         It’s experiencing driving simulation on my ps3 with Gran Turismo 5, 6 and F1 2012.I love the feeling of being able to control a car at the very limits of it’s grip on the concrete. With today’s computers and programming, it is so real that I was able to avoid an accident last winter when my car hit the ice on an exit ramp. I did a 360, pulled it out and kept driving. No stop! Now that was FUN!

In-Game car photos 3d

These are NOT real cars

Each of these photos was taken from within the video game Gran Turismo 6. I drove laps around the Nurburgring, which is in Germany, turned on the video replay and took snap shots from within the program. I used my photography skills and eye to set up the shot and I use these as screen savers for my computer.

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