Character is Paramount

Character = Distinctive and of good nature… is this said of you?

My definition of having quality of character is in how others describe your knee jerk responses to stimulus. In other words. If someone says something nasty to you, how do you respond without thinking. How do you respond when the good, the bad and the ugly comes into your space. What you have built into your belief systems will come out under pressure. If you have fortified your mind and heart with quality decisions and conclusions… your instinctive outcome will be positive and not embarrassing. Something to think about huh?



Integrity is Key

Integrity = Moral fiber… do you have it?

Being perceived as a person of honesty and of quality character. Being believable is one of the most important characteristics of developing as a great leader. You will always need and want others to trust you. Trust is earned. You cannot demand it. It is very much like respect. It takes time to develop but once it is established don’t think that it will just remain. It can be very easily lost due to improper behavior. That is why integrity or moral fiber is paramount in establishing your leadership foundations.

The Closer Worship Conference May 2017

The Closer Worship Conference May 2017

Closer Conference

Closer is a two day conference that is a gathering of Worship Leaders, Pastors, Musicians, Creatives, Influencers, and Worshippers who have a common desire for a “deeper” and more genuine connection to the Father. This gathering is about more than a powerful song or increasing your gifts; it’s about connecting to the reality of God’s Kingdom in us. There is an invitation to come deeper…to come closer. Heaven is looking for partners of the original design. Come be empowered with revelation, resources, and a greater passion to Host God’s presence with our individual lives, as well as our collective times of worship.

Date > May 5-6, 2017
Information & Registration >

Fatherhood Series Vol.1

Fatherhood Series

This is a series designed by Daryl Wicker to encourage young fathers in their role as dad & provider.

2016 Fatherhood Series 1

Daryl Wicker is the father of four adult children in their 20’s. When Daryl was 25 he had his first child and felt as if he didn’t know what he was doing. After being surrounded by wise men who willingly and freely sowed into his knowledge and wisdom base, he found himself able to navigate this thing called life. Daryl now feels like he needs to give back to all of the young men in his sphere of influence and beyond. I have seen a few really good young men give their all to be the best dad they can be and I wanted to encourage them to be their best like the men who surrounded me did. This series is dedicated to all you great guys out there trying your best. You can do it, I believe in you!

“Who talks about what to expect as a young father and new husband? “

“I will. I want to share what has been shared with me.”

 –Daryl Wicker, Fatherhood Series Designer

Fatherhood Series Introduction

This introduction video from the Facebook Live Fatherhood Series Vol.1 Talks by Daryl. Wicker.  This series was designed to offer tips and stories to young fathers and young families from the life of Daryl your host. The goal is to encourage young families, fathers in specific that they can do this. They can be amazing parents. This introduction video gives a taste of what is to come in the following 10 videos. The series began in October 2016.

Fatherhood Series Vol.1 -Ep.2 pt.1

Daryl talks in episode 2 part 1 about the importance of thoughts and thinking. How to consider responsibility and using your time in balance. This is part one of two for episode 2.

Fatherhood Series Vol.1 Episode 3

“The Take Away”

Daryl speaks on reviewing important information for absorption. When you get into a conversation or read a book or go to a conference and receive information that changes you, it is a great idea to sit down and write how this information has helped you. Your head has a swivel point… use it and look away. Lust and adulterous thinking will destroy you. Let go of guilt and put quality information in your mind so you can thrive. Get a trustworthy buddy to help you be strong.

Google Hangout- Fatherhood Series Introduction

The initial Google Hangout live stream of the Fatherhood Series Vol.1. Daryl Wicker shares life wisdom and tips he has learned over the years of being a father. He speaks on relationships, responsibility, character, ethics and quality decision making as a parent. Mentorship is a key factor in learning to be an excellent parent and exceptional man. Be yourself, there is only one you.

Fatherhood Series Vol.1- Episode 1

Today we talk about new fathers, overcoming fear, getting settled into your new role, pregnancy, safety, think before you speak, communication, engaging, being involved, complimenting your wife, helping out and an introduction to the concept of Championing your spouse.

Fatherhood Series Vol.1 -Ep.2 pt.2

In this part 2 of episode 2 the focus is on responsibility and time management. Feeling responsible is a natural part of being a parent. Keep the fear out of the equation and you will succeed. As a dad your kids can’t wait til you come home. Do your best to make that moment when you come home a special memory for them.




Fatherhood Series 1- Episode 5

Goals, Vision & Persistence

In this episode we take a trip to the Alum Creek Reservoir for an object lesson on visualizing what you want to do, set a plan in place and keep your eye on the prize. Keep your mind straight, keep yourself encouraged and persist without exception til you reach your goal. The view is different at the end of your journey. Join me on this adventure.

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