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Fatherhood Series-S1-Episode 6

Sculpting Your Children Be the Michelangelo of your children's lives. You are one of the largest sources influence in their lives. You want what's best for them and you will most likely do whatever it takes to help them succeed. The word sculpt implies excellence or...

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Fatherhood Series-S1-Episode 5

Goals, Vision & Persistence In this episode we take a trip to the Alum Creek Reservoir for an object lesson on visualizing what you want to do, set a plan in place and keep your eye on the prize. Keep your mind straight, keep yourself encouraged and persist...

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Fatherhood Series-S1-Episode 4

"Why is She Co Critical?" I said in the title it's episode 5 but it's really episode 4. I'm just excited about tomorrow's episode 5. Today's topic. Is she critical? Are you sensitive? We explore the deeper reasons behind our reactions to each other. What is real love?...

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Fatherhood Series-S1-Episode 3

"The Take Away" Daryl speaks on reviewing important information for absorption. When you get into a conversation or read a book or go to a conference and receive information that changes you, it is a great idea to sit down and write how this information has helped...

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Fatherhood-S1-Episode 2.2

Thoughts, Responsibility & Time In this part 2 of episode 2 the focus is on responsibility and time management. Feeling responsible is a natural part of being a parent. Keep the fear out of the equation and you will succeed. As a dad your kids can't wait until you...

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Fatherhood-S1-Episode 2.1

Thoughts, Responsibility & Time Daryl talks in episode 2 part 1 about the importance of thoughts and thinking. How to consider responsibility without fear and using your time in balance. This is part 1 of 2 for episode 2....

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Fatherhood-S1-Episode 1

Fatherhood Series 1- Episode 1 Today we talk about new fathers, overcoming fear, getting settled into your new role, pregnancy, safety, think before you speak, communication, engaging, being involved, complimenting your wife, helping out and an introduction to the...

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Fatherhood Series Introduction This is the introduction video from the FaceBook Live series Fatherhood Talks by Daryl. This series was designed to offer tips and stories to young fathers and young families from the life of Daryl. The goal is to encourage young...

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