Real Muscle Power

Real Muscle Power

Asking for help makes you strong

For many, asking someone to help them is the last thing they want to do. Some for fear that they will be rejected. Others think that they’ve got it all figured out. And the rest fall somewhere in between the two opposites.

There is a true strength and honesty in asking for help when you are stuck.

For one, it humbles you to the fact that we need each other. Also, when you get someone who is willing to mentor you and guide you through the toughest parts of life. You build much needed relationships and relationships are where the blessings come from. They are the glue that makes love spread far and wide.

So think about this… The next time you need to get past where you are, kick fear and pride in the teeth and ask someone who knows more than you do what you should do and then… simply… listen.

Capture Your Thoughts… always

Capture Your Thoughts… always

Earl Nightingale said it best

What-You-Think-bannerEarl Nightingale was an amazing motivational speaker from the 1950’s. The first time I heard him was in a recorded address he made for his sales force in 1955. (That was when it was recorded, not I heard it then -sm). The address was called “The Strangest Secret”. I heard it for the first time back in 2005. I remember I was sitting in my studio and looking to find ways to bring my dreams into reality and a speaker by the name of Mark Victor Hansen posted the recording on his web site for all to hear for a short time. I listened and was mesmerized. I listened to it 5 more times that night and rigged a way to record it because I couldn’t find it anywhere. This single message was the answer I was looking for. Earl stated in the recording that he didn’t know why this is not taught in schools. If I had heard and understood this message when I was 18… Oh man, what a change that would have made! The truth is, I heard it when I needed to hear it and it had it’s intended effect on me and will continually change everyone I have a chance to influence.

To this day, I still listen to it every three or four months. It continues to inspire me and wake me up to keep planning, pressing and pushing toward my vision and my goal. If you’ve not heard “The Strangest Secret”, look it up on YouTube or just look up Earl Nightingale and go buy it. You won’t be sorry.  Better yet.  I’ll just post it and you can buy it later.














I saw this years ago
and it moved me…

It still does

The story behind the story is that I was at a motivational meeting for an MLM company that I was in at the time. The great thing about meetings like that it that you will come across information that you just might not get anywhere else. In fact, most of the motivational material that I have seen or come across came through someone who was in or had been in an MLM venture. I digress…

When I heard a lady at the mic say this phrase “your dreams come in a size too big so that you can have room to grow into them.” I started buzzing with clarity. Here is why.

For too long my dreams (which are huge and somewhat daunting) would depress or overwhelm me. Why? Because I didn’t know how to achieve them. In some ways with some of them, I still don’t. But that doesn’t matter. If I don’t stretch myself to go after them, I’ll never meet the people who can help me achieve them. Let that sink in for a moment!

You HAVE to take the chances and risks in moving toward the unknown. Why? So you can learn something new, do new things, meet new people, open new doors. If you are not moving into the NEW then you are dooming yourself to stay in the OLD. You need fresh oxygen in your current existence, fresh ideas, fresh conversation. Anything other than that will leave you in a stagnant state. Things that stagnate, die. Plain and simple. So with that. I challenge you to move toward your dream today, and a little more tomorrow, and more the next day. You will meet the people you need to meet who will help you achieve your visions and dreams. I’m doing it now…. TAG YOU’RE IT! –dsw

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