The Closer Worship Conference May 2017

The Closer Worship Conference May 2017

Closer Conference

Closer is a two day conference that is a gathering of Worship Leaders, Pastors, Musicians, Creatives, Influencers, and Worshippers who have a common desire for a “deeper” and more genuine connection to the Father. This gathering is about more than a powerful song or increasing your gifts; it’s about connecting to the reality of God’s Kingdom in us. There is an invitation to come deeper…to come closer. Heaven is looking for partners of the original design. Come be empowered with revelation, resources, and a greater passion to Host God’s presence with our individual lives, as well as our collective times of worship.

Date > May 5-6, 2017
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More Than Conquerors- Pop Smith

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More Than Conquerors

The Word says that we are MORE than conquerors through Jesus Christ. Many times we use fleshly and worldly definitions to describe what we know and try to apply it to the message that the Word brings us.

Bishop Smith clearly explains the real meaning of being a Christian and a conqueror through Christ. The daily walk of victory.

Recorded from a reel to reel tape I acquired from some family friends. Originally recorded on a portable reel to reel deck recording from a radio in a living room. Occasionally you will hear background sounds from whomever was in the room during the broadcast time. This was aired in Columbus Ohio sometime in the 1950’s on WCOL, I believe.


Opportunity to Ask- Pop Smith

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Opportunity to Ask:

Pop begins with the scripture in I Kings 3:5 where God appears to Solomon in a dream and says “Ask what I shall give thee.”

This recording is part of the broadcast on WCOL in the 1950’s. It was transcoded from 7″ reel to reel tapes to digital format by Bishop Smith’s great grandson Daryl Wicker. It was recorded from the radio on a personal reel to reel recorder in a man’s living room. You will occasionally hear motor noise, a phone ringing or people moving around. Great care has been exercised to clean up the recordings and bring them to you in this archive. Please share with others who may be blessed by this wisdom from God.

Fatherhood Series-S1-Google Hangout

The initial Google Hangout live stream of the Fatherhood Series Vol.1. Daryl Wicker shares life wisdom and tips he has learned over the years of being a father. He speaks on relationships, responsibility, character, ethics and quality decision making as a parent. Mentorship is a key factor in learning to be an excellent parent and exceptional man. Be yourself, there is only one you.

Fatherhood Series

This is a series designed by Daryl Wicker to encourage young fathers in their role as dad & provider.

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