Man & Woman

Man & Woman

God created man and out of man came woman.

A perfect helper in every way or a being to never be understood?

Yes.  Here it is. The time tested question that every man has asked after a head scratching encounter with a woman that he loves.

Remember this men. Every time you have a conversation with a woman, understand this. We speak completely different languages. The way we interpret what we say is most often exactly what we meant. What they hear is filtered through everything they want you to say and mean. WHAT? That’s right… I confused my own self.

A very wise man once assisted me with this knowledge. Ask your wife what she heard you just say. Get a clear understanding of what her interpretation of your words are. What I’m saying is simply this. Don’t assume you are on the same page. Getting on the same page takes work and that work will never end. Marriages that last for years and years are based on trust and communication. Never forget to put God completely in the middle. When you both strive to know God better, you will know each other better.


She is the rose of your garden… you are the soil keeper. If she is not flourishing then the soil needs  proper nourishment and care.

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