Opportunity to Ask- Pop Smith

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Opportunity to Ask:

Pop begins with the scripture in I Kings 3:5 where God appears to Solomon in a dream and says “Ask what I shall give thee.”

This recording is part of the broadcast on WCOL in the 1950’s. It was transcoded from 7″ reel to reel tapes to digital format by Bishop Smith’s great grandson Daryl Wicker. It was recorded from the radio on a personal reel to reel recorder in a man’s living room. You will occasionally hear motor noise, a phone ringing or people moving around. Great care has been exercised to clean up the recordings and bring them to you in this archive. Please share with others who may be blessed by this wisdom from God.

The Christian Victory- Pop Smith

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The Christian Victory: Recorded from a reel to reel tape I acquired from some family friends. Originally recorded on a portable reel to reel deck recording from a radio in a living room. Occasionally you will hear background sounds from whomever was in the room during the broadcast time. This was aired in Columbus Ohio sometime in the 1950’s on WCOL, I believe.

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