Hot Car Sighting-V8 Vantage

Hot Car Sighting-V8 Vantage

Astin Martin V8 Vantage Sighting

While getting my oil changed today I saw a hot, hot, hot Astin Martin in the showroom. I’ve never seen one of these up close much less sat in one. It felt so tight. The seat fit me like a glove. I wanted to drive it bad! I could see myself having this as a fourth car in my mega car garage. Just think… Only $58,000 on the used car market. Quite a bargain since the MSRP was $207,000 when it was new. Depreciation is your friend.

Rockin the ice coffee

Rockin the ice coffee

Flavored Coffee On Ice

I have been rockin’ the iced coffee lately. My grandmother used to drink iced coffee when I was a kid and I used to cringe at the thought of it. As I have gotten older and way more into coffee, the cold versions of my coffee creations are making me smile and are soooooo refreshing.

What you are seeing in the background is my coffee station. One of the criteria I had in my mind when we were looking for a house was that I needed to have a space for my coffee. I have a burr grinder, whole beans in a glass jar, an espresso machine with high pressure steam and a host of flavored sugar syrups. Every New Year’s Day my wife and I with another couple make a trip to Cincinnati to Jungle Jacks mega store where I can buy the syrups for $3 less per bottle!

Everybody knows that saving money is like making money.

So back to the iced coffee…



      French Press coarsely ground rich coffee of your choice (my favorite right now is Trader Joe’s French Roast whole bean. A large 1.3 lb can is like $13)


      16 oz water


      1 oz Half & Half


      1/2 to 1 oz flavor syrup (to taste)


      Cup full of ice

Combine coffee grounds with boiling water and let steep in the French Press for 5 min.
Mix Syrup and Half & Half in the cup. Stir it
Fill the cup with ice then pour the coffee slowly over the ice (try to melt the ice)
Stir and enjoy very slowly


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