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Introduction to the series

This is the introduction video from the Facebook Live series Fatherhood Talks by Daryl. This series was designed to offer tips and stories to young fathers and young families from the life of Daryl. The goal is to encourage young families, fathers in specific that they can do this. They can be amazing parents. This introduction video gives a taste of what is to come in the following 10 videos. The series began in October 2016. Length-7:41

Fatherhood Series -Episode 1

New Fathers, you can do it!

Today we talk about new fathers, overcoming fear, getting settled into your new role, pregnancy, safety, think before you speak, communication, engaging, being involved, complimenting your wife, helping out and an introduction to the concept of Championing your spouse. Length-8:11

Fatherhood Series -Episode 2.1

Thoughts, Responsibility & Time

Daryl talks in episode 2 part 1 about the importance of thoughts and thinking. How to consider responsibility without fear and using your time in balance. This is part 1 of 2 for episode 2. Length-9:58

Fatherhood Series -Episode 2.2

Thoughts, Responsibility & Time

In this part 2 of episode 2 the focus is on responsibility and time management. Feeling responsible is a natural part of being a parent. Keep the fear out of the equation and you will succeed. As a dad your kids can’t wait until you come home. Do your best to make that moment when you come home a special memory for them. Length-11:26

Fatherhood Series -Episode 3

“The Take Away”

Daryl speaks on reviewing important information for absorption. When you get into a conversation or read a book or go to a conference and receive information that changes you, it is a great idea to sit down and write how this information has helped you. Your head has a swivel point… use it and look away. Lust and adulterous thinking will destroy you. Let go of guilt and put quality information in your mind so you can thrive. Get a trustworthy buddy to help you be strong. Length-9:02

Fatherhood Series -Episode 4

“Why is She Co Critical?”

I said in the title it’s episode 5 but it’s really episode 4. I’m just excited about tomorrow’s episode 5. Today’s topic. Is she critical? Are you sensitive? We explore the deeper reasons behind our reactions to each other. What is real love? Communication, self speak, selfishness, pride and rebellion. Women need security. Length-11:19

Fatherhood Series -Episode 5

Goals, Vision & Persistence

In this episode we take a trip to the Alum Creek Reservoir for an object lesson on visualizing what you want to do, set a plan in place and keep your eye on the prize. Keep your mind straight, keep yourself encouraged and persist without exception til you reach your goal. The view is different at the end of your journey. Join me on this adventure. Length- 11:42

Fatherhood Series -Episode 6

Sculpting Your Children

Be the Michelangelo of your children’s lives. You are one of the largest sources influence in their lives. You want what’s best for them and you will most likely do whatever it takes to help them succeed. The word sculpt implies excellence or craftsmanship. You can choose to be a powerful positive influence in the development of your child’s character by recognizing the importance your position in their lives. Length-15:24

Fatherhood Series -Episode 7

Purpose & Legacy

Do you know your purpose? Are you acquainted with your dreams? Have you figured out what your mark on this world will be? You have a purpose. You will have a legacy. You are the architect of that future and your kids are the conduit to that place. Your amazing future starts new every day. Length-9:36

Earl Nightingale- The Strangest Secret. Link: https://youtu.be/IeaBfM3TdHQ

Take personal inventory of your assets and liabilities. Don’t be afraid to have a huge dream. Think from a larger perspective. Know that you are unique and there is only one you. It’s never too late to discover who you are and what you want. Choose to have a tremendous legacy.

Fatherhood Series -Episode 8

Commitment, Character & Ethics

Decide to be a man of commitment. Let what you say mean something. Make your life the kind of life that people believe you when you speak and act. One where people trust your word, people trust your character. It’s entirely possible and you can manifest it in your life. Commitment requires you to make a choice and follow that choice with dedication to staying the course. Being a man or woman of quality character doesn’t happen on accident. It happens by choice, commitment, dedication and determination. Your character is something you build on purpose by choosing quality ethical elements to add to your life. Length-10:43

Fatherhood Series -Episode 9

The Treasure of Spirituality

We are spirit beings living in a temporary flesh house. We were designed by God and made in His image. We are on earth for a short time in eternity. We live, we interact and influence every person we come in contact with in some way every day. As fathers, we play a huge role in our children whether we intend to or not. The most successful way to be greater than our human nature dictates is to rely on a higher power. The power that created your flesh. The power that wrote a manual for you to read and apply to your flesh. The power that loves you and wants your success and satisfaction at the core of your being. Length-8:31

P.S. My apologies for the signal weakness. This was recorded as a Facebook Live session and was cutting out. Later videos will cover this topic in detail. Stick around.

Fatherhood Series -Episode 10

SERIES RECAP• Length-10:13

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Fatherhood Series -Google Hangout Intro

The initial Google Hangout live stream of the Fatherhood Series Vol.1. Daryl Wicker shares life wisdom and tips he has learned over the years of being a father. He speaks on relationships, responsibility, character, ethics and quality decision making as a parent. Mentorship is a key factor in learning to be an excellent parent and exceptional man. Be yourself, there is only one you.

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