Encouraging young fathers in their role as dad, provider, husband & friend.

2016 Fatherhood Series 1

Daryl Wicker is the father of four adult children in their 20’s. When Daryl was 25 he had his first child and felt as if he didn’t know what he was doing. After being surrounded by wise men who willingly and freely sowed into his knowledge and wisdom base, he found himself able to navigate this thing called life. Daryl now feels like he needs to give back to all of the young men in his sphere of influence and beyond. I have seen a few really good young men give their all to be the best dad they can be and I wanted to encourage them to be their best like the men who surrounded me did. This series is dedicated to all you great guys out there trying your best. You can do it, I believe in you!

Who talks about what to expect as a young father and new husband?
I will. I want to share what has been shared with me.

–Daryl Wicker, Fatherhood Series Designer

Fatherhood Series 1-Intro

This is the introduction video from the FaceBook Live series Fatherhood Talks by Daryl. This series was designed to offer tips and stories to young fathers and young families from the life of Daryl. The goal is to encourage young families, fathers in specific that they can do this. They can be amazing parents. This introduction video gives a taste of what is to come in the following 10 videos. The series began in October 2016. Length-7:41

Fatherhood Series 1-Ep.2.1

Thoughts, Responsibility & Time

Daryl talks in episode 2 part 1 about the importance of thoughts and thinking. How to consider responsibility without fear and using your time in balance. This is part 1 of 2 for episode 2. Length-9:58

Fatherhood Series 1-Ep.1

Fatherhood Series 1- Episode 1

Today we talk about new fathers, overcoming fear, getting settled into your new role, pregnancy, safety, think before you speak, communication, engaging, being involved, complimenting your wife, helping out and an introduction to the concept of Championing your spouse. Length-8:11

Fatherhood Series 1-Ep.2.2

Thoughts, Responsibility & Time

In this part 2 of episode 2 the focus is on responsibility and time management. Feeling responsible is a natural part of being a parent. Keep the fear out of the equation and you will succeed. As a dad your kids can’t wait until you come home. Do your best to make that moment when you come home a special memory for them. Length-11:26

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