The Treasure of Spirituality

We are spirit beings living in a temporary flesh house. We were designed by God and made in His image. We are on earth for a short time in eternity. We live, we interact and influence every person we come in contact with in some way every day. As fathers, we play a huge role in our children whether we intend to or not. The most successful way to be greater than our human nature dictates is to rely on a higher power. The power that created your flesh. The power that wrote a manual for you to read and apply to your flesh. The power that loves you and wants your success and satisfaction at the core of your being. Length-8:31

P.S. My apologies for the signal weakness. This was recorded as a Facebook Live session and was cutting out. Later videos will cover this topic in detail. Stick around.

Fatherhood Series

This is a series designed by Daryl Wicker to encourage young fathers in their role as dad & provider.

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