Daughters & Sons Need Dad

Men. It’s time to stand up and stop being selfish and honor your commitment to your children. They need you to guide them, encourage them, tell them they are loved and show them they are loved by giving them some of your undivided attention every day. If you don’t, with your daughter, some undesirable dude will. You won’t be pleased. If you don’t, with your son, some rough gang of problem kids will.

It’s really simple: cause and effect.

your neglect=bad choices by your children.


Dad. Your kids need your love, your touch, your attention, your oversight, your care, your devotion, your words, your wisdom, your time, your knowledge… Do you see where I’m going with this? They need YOU!

You can still have your hobbies, work to support your family, have guy time and all the things you want to do. Just go ahead and carve out time for your kids. You will either do it now in a positive and healthy way or you will do it by visiting the principal, the police, the judge or the grave. It’s your choice. Make it a great one.

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