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My Network One… What is it?


In a nutshell. It’s like Sam’s Club or Costco for people who shop online. Basically you can save money using this service by getting lower prices from the stores you are already shopping at as well as getting cash back on all the things you buy. You are not buying useless extra stuff. These are the items you are already buying.


Example#1: My wife was going to go out to Target and buy some toiletries. I simply logged onto My Network One, logged into my account (which is my email) and went to Target. I found all the items she was looking for. The prices were lower because it’s online (one item was 40% off for the second item). I paid for the order and picked it up at Target Guest Services. No walking around the store, no buying extra stuff because I saw it.

And the best part is this: I made cash back. Not only did I save $5, I’ll get back $0.65 through My Network One. This is a win/win deal.

cash back

One of the best things about this is. My Network One Membership is Free!


On your main homepage you will see a list of your favorite stores like this. My favorites are Target, Sam’s, Guitar Center, Home Depot, WalMart, Advance Auto Parts, etc. I save money shopping and get cash back. Win/win.

your favorite stores

There are over 2300 stores to choose from and each one gives different amounts of cash back.

Here are some examples of the kinds of deals you will see when you visit the stores.

Here is a sample from Best

And from Macy’





There is a whole segment of Groupon daily deals that save you money.


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