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Want to Own a Business but Hate Selling?

The idea of owning a home-based business appeals to millions of Americans. Imagine never having a boss breathing down your neck or punching a clock again. How fabulous would every day be if you set your hours and worked when you want, spending more time with the people you love and care about?

Successful home-based business owners love the six-second commute. They carry their coffee mug from the kitchen to the desk skipping the rush hour commute. You can even work in your pajamas if you want. You have the flexibility to never miss out on sharing dinner as a family, or, helping the kids with their homework again.

What many people dislike about owning a business is selling. No one wants to look at themselves in the mirror after a day of being a pushy salesperson.

There are tremendous tax benefits to having a home based business. Allow yourself to imagine what your life can be like by being your own boss. Investigate the possibilities. It’s worth it.

Become a business owner

When you are the boss… you become limitless.

Be a man of integrity

Your character is king. You are known and trusted by your character. If it is ruined, it’s very hard to gain trust again. Most of your blessings and curses come through people. People see character and respond accordingly.

God knows everything

God has all power. He knows everything. He knows everybody. He hears everything. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to listen to a being like that?

Learn how to become a Super Dad

The Fatherhood Series is full of easy to understand tips and knowledge to help you learn to be the amazing father you’ve always wanted to be. You will learn powerful things to help you overcome the fear you may have about being able to become a Super Dad. Check the menu under Being a Man.

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